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Birthday Party Catering in Delhi NCR

You could be celebrating a family member, friend or relative’s birthday, but if you don’t plan ahead in time, don’t expect the celebrations to be a hit. This includes hiring professional birthday party catering in Delhi NCR. While choosing a professional birthday party catering service, you can benefit in multiple ways. A top catering service for Birthday party can make any celebration in the capital city an event to remember. Not convinced? Well, learn more about our professional birthday party catering services in Delhi and NCR that are a must for an unforgettable event you will cherish forever right here.

We are a professional catering service based in South Delhi. Having been in this field for over 6 decades, we are as reputed for our clients, as the quality of our food and creative serving styles. From former presidents (Shri Giani Zail Singh) to famous personalities (Kapil Dev) we have an illustrious client base. We are known for having introduced silverware and hollowware in Delhi. We are also known for our delicious food, quality beverages and exceptional entertainment displays. With a professional degree from IHM Lucknow since 2001, and decades of experience in organising all kinds of events including weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate get togethers, we are the best in the industry.

We have top of the line experience in organising corporate parties: Unlike catering for private functions, companies want large events in short spans of time. Our birthday party catering in Delhi NCR is perfect for we are have been in the business for over 60 years.

Outdoor catering that is outstanding: Our exceptional outdoor catering services are geared to different types of events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

Ideal wedding venues for wedded bliss: Matches are made in heaven but events should definitely be planned by Bharat’s Professional Food Beverage services. Weddings that are planned by us are memorable events which you can cherish in the times to come.

Decor that speaks volumes about your style- From the classic elegance of vintage decor to modern, ultra trendy ones, we have experience in creating the right element for your wedding or birthday party celebrations.

Some of the Advantages of Hiring Bharat FNB:

  • A Weight Off Your Shoulders
  • Saves Time and Effort
  • Professional Services Are Of Top Standard
  • Excellent Presentation And A Satisfying Celebration
  • Freedom to Handle Party Logistics